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PC Tools Bows 2009 Software Lineup

San Francisco — PC Tools has released its 2009 software lineup, which includes its Internet Security 2009, Spyware Doctor and Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 6, Registry Mechanic 8, and Desktop Maestro 3.

Along with the product launch, the company said it has updated the logo featured on the user interface of its products.

“The 2009 range of products will provide consumers with a more efficient and more sophisticated level of protection against Internet security threats and more advanced tools to optimize and improve the performance of their PCs,” said Simon Clausen, CEO, PC Tools.

The Internet Security 2009 and Spyware Doctor 6 programs are said to offer improved detection capabilities, swifter clean-up for heavily infected computers and enhanced hacker defense compared to previous versions of the company’s software.

Registry Mechanic 8 now includes a feature that can tune-up a computer’s services to improve system performance, reduce system-resource consumption and provide faster start-up times. It also has a new plug-in architecture so users can incorporate additional features and tools.

Desktop Maestro now includes optimization and management tools to enhance system performance and stability while it integrates registry cleaning and system monitoring tools from Registry Mechanic, as well as privacy-cleaning tools from Privacy Guardian. Other updates include the addition of new tools to allow users to manually control start-up items and services, as well as to manage unwanted software. The updated privacy cleaning feature supports more third party applications and popular Internet browsers.

The software is all available now at Prices follow:

  • Internet Security 2009; $59.95
  • Spyware Doctor and Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus Version 6; $39.95;
  • Registry Mechanic Version 8; $29.95;
  • Desktop Maestro 3; $39.95.