Paradigm Redesigns Monitor Series Speakers

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Mississauga, Ontario - Paradigm completely redesigned the technology and cosmetics of its Monitor Series 7 speakers, reducing the sizes of the floor standers and center channels but preserving the series' acoustic signature, the company said.


The series also features a more streamlined, more linear aesthetic, the company said. And the floorstander and center speakers add greater sensitivity and deeper bass extension than their predecessors.

The floorstanders are 20 percent smaller than their predecessors, and the center channels are smaller overall but not necessarily 20 percent smaller, a spokesperson said.

"We wanted the highest possible performance in the smallest physical envelope while maintaining the important Paradigm affordability difference," said product development manager Paul Wojciechowski.

The line consists of nine speakers ranging from compact monitors to floor-standing left-right speakers priced from $199 to $799 each, two center channels at $379 and $599 each, and two surrounds at $279 and $399 each.


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