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Pantone Intros Huey Pro Calibration Device

Carlstadt, N.J. Pantone will add another consumer-oriented monitor-calibration device to its huey line in April.

The new hueyPRO will join the original huey on the market. The hueyPRO supports CRT, laptop and LCD displays and builds off the original device with new software for controlling brightness and contrast alongside a new help function that offers suggestions for improving the color of digital output.

It will retain the original huey’s ability to monitor room lighting and make changes to a monitor accordingly.

The hueyPRO will carry a suggested retail of $129. The original huey stays on the market at a suggested $89. Pantone plans to place the new device at the same retail outlets currently selling the huey for a “better, best” approach.

For a limited time, hueyPRO will be bundled with a book of Pantone’s 100 top colors used in the graphic design industry, along with printing ink formulas and RGB values.