Panasonic Unveils 3D Signage Units

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Las Vegas -


unveiled at the recent InfoComm 2010 Show, a pair of large-format LCD monitors and three 3D FullHD plasma displays including a world's record 152-inch 3D panel.

Panasonic continued with a move seen on the consumer electronics side earlier in the year by adding LCD displays for digital signage applications in the 42- ($1,400) and 47-inch ($1,900) screen sizes.

The technology will be positioned for brightly lit environments that may be better suited to LCD, where the technology may offer some advantages over plasma.

In company's bread-and-butter plasma segment, Panasonic said two new 3D-capable, FullHD displays for signage applications will be available in December in the 85- and 103-inch screen sizes. The 103-inch TH-103VX200U will sell for $65,000 and the 85-inch TH-85VX200U will sell for $45,000.

Panasonic said it will also offer a 152-inch FullHD, 3D-capable plasma display early next year. The TH-152UX1 3D plasma screen features 4,096 by 2,160 resolution and is designed for government and commercial applications.

The new plasma displays are targeted at corporate, commercial, healthcare, home theater, screening room, digital signage, education and entertainment staging applications, the company said.

Each plasma display uses Panasonic's 3D high-speed drive and new motion-prediction technologies to eliminate crosstalk between left and right images while improving tone gradation.


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