Panasonic Reveals Additional Television Prices



Panasonic revealed additional prices and availability on 2012 Smart Viera plasma and LCD TVs, during a formal line unveiling for the press here late last month.

Panasonic said models in the ST50, UT50 and XT50 plasma series and the E50, ET5, E5 and X5 LED series will be available this month.

Also announced were ship dates on LED LCD TV models in the 47-inch screen size (available this month) and 55-inch screen size (available in April and May).

In total, the 2012 LED LCD model line features 16 SKUs this year, up from seven a year ago.

All new LCD TVs offer LED edge-lighting systems, and all new LCD and plasma sets feature newly restyled slim-cabinet, slim-bezel designs, with many models employing a new “glass and metal” design concept.

Panasonic is also spreading 3D capability among the new sets and is advancing its Viera Connect IPTV platform to, among other things, include open web browsing in step-up models.

Select Smart Viera plasma models employ NeoPlasma Black 2500 Focus Field Drive technology that is said to improve clarity in fast moving subjects. The system produces subtle details in dark scenes based on 24,576- step super-fine gradation.

All 3D plasma models include DLNA connections to network with PCs and other devices to share digital entertainment content between similarly configured devices.

Plasma models in the VT/GT/ST series feature a 2 million pixel dimming driver, a new custom driver LSI, a fast switching phosphor panel and 1080p 3D capability.

Newly announced pricing for the 2012 Viera TV lineup follows:

2012 Viera Plasma Prices

Models           Suggested Retail

TC-P65VT50     $3,699

TC-P55VT50     $2,499

TC-P65GT50    $3,299

TC-P60GT50    $2,599

TC-P55GT50    $2,099

TC-P50GT50    $1,799

TC-P65ST50    $2,999

TC-P60UT50    $1,799

TC-P55UT50    $1,399

TC-P50U50      $899

TC-P42XT50    $649

TC-P50X5        $579

TC-P42X5        $429

TC-50PU54      $749

2012 Viera LED/LCD Prices

Models            Suggested Retail

TC-L55WT50     $2,999

TC-L55DT50      $2,499

TC-L47WT50     $2,299

TC-L47DT50      $1,899

TC-L42ET5        $1,099

TC-L42U5          $599

TC-L24X5          $249


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