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Panasonic Plasma Wins 2012 TV Shootout

Scarsdale, N.

Y. – The results are in from New York City area A/V specialty retailer Value Electronics’ annual TV shootout, and Panasonic’s flagship TC-P65VT50 FullHD 1080p plasma set has been named the winner and new “King of HDTV for 2012.”

This year’s competitive challenge featured flagship products from major manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sharp Elite, Samsung and LG.

Each panel was on display on a shootout wall, and a selected panel of expert judges, along with members of Value Electronics’ clientele, voted on their favorite performers based on careful comparison and evaluation.

Judges included members of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), noteworthy product reviewers and other “VIP special guests” from the motion picture and TV broadcast industries.

Larry Weber, creator and inventor of the modern plasma display used by Panasonic, attended the event.

Value Electronics is the only retailer that performs this type of display evaluation.

Value’s proprietor Robert Zohn will present Panasonic with special trophy at an upcoming press conference.