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Panasonic Opens Olympic 3D Theater Pavilion

Vancouver, British Columbia
– On Friday,


will officially
open the doors here to its Olympic Pavilion that is showcasing the company’s
FullHD 3D plasma technology, as part of its official sponsorship of the 2010 Olympic
Winter Games.

The Panasonic
Olympic Pavilion is housing a Panasonic FullHD 3D Theatre, featuring two
103-inch FullHD 3D displays at LiveCity Yaletown, official celebration site of
the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Open Feb. 12-28
from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily, the theaters will screen high-definition,
3D images of the Opening Ceremony and highlights of the 2010 Winter Games, as
well as a video of Sarah Brightman performing Panasonic’s song, “Shall Be

There is no
entrance fee for Panasonic’s Olympic Pavilion at the site in David Lam Park.

“This theater is
our way of sharing the passion of the 2010 Winter Games with Vancouver residents and visitors from around
the world,” stated Takumi Kajisha, Panasonic managing executive officer. “Panasonic
believes 3D systems will greatly enhance at-home viewing of future Olympic
Games, combining the enjoyment of watching the greatest sports event with the
stereoscopic images of FullHD 3D.”

Panasonic is using
the event to promote its forthcoming lines of 3D plasma televisions and Blu-ray
Disc players for the home.

successfully moved from black and white, to color, to high-definition
television. But immersive, totally realistic 3D imagery has been the final
frontier,” said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Panasonic North America chief technology
officer. “With Panasonic’s new line of FullHD 3D products, which will be
launched in North America this spring, we will
conquer that as well.”

Panasonic’s 3D
systems use frame-sequential technology to display images that are alternately
reproduced at 60 fps for each eye for a total of 120 fps. These images are
viewed alternately through high-precision 3D eyewear with shutters driven in
synchronization with the video.

As a result, each
eye views a separate 1,920 by 1,080 FullHD clear 3D images with no degradation
in quality, the company said.

The company will
also introduce this year a twin-lens 3D camera/recorder to support the system.

Highlight videos
of 2010 Winter Games screened in the FullHD 3D theater will be produced by the
International Olympic Committee.

Panasonic said the song that is to be sung by Sarah Brightman, “Shall Be Done,”
was produced to “reach out to the global community with its corporate
philosophy and vision.”

The lyrics are
said to reflect the spirit of Panasonic’s “ideas for life” brand platform and
will be incorporated in creative across all its marketing channels, including
online, advertising and events.