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Panasonic Offers PDP Service Agent

New York — Panasonic has launched an automated service agent designed to help consumers shopping for digital televisions select appropriate Panasonic plasma products and identify retailers to visit to review and purchase them.

Called “AskPanasonic,” the online customer service software was designed by software developer Conversagent to support Panasonic’s U.S. plasma TV marketing initiative. The system, which is billed by the developer as “the first self-service application of its kind in the consumer electronics industry,” is available on Panasonic’s Web site at

It is said to engage customers in typed, natural language conversations, and deliver immediate answers to customers’ questions concerning key features and benefits, major comparison points across various product offerings, the optimal plasma experience, the best places to purchase, installation and more.

The online tool is said to reduce consumer confusion and apprehension by aiding in decision-making process when purchasing plasmas, and assisting with post-purchase questions regarding installation and operation, the company said.

“Panasonic has taken an innovative step by using the company’s depth of knowledge to empower and create a relationship with the customer before and after the purchase is made,” said Stephen Klein, Conversagent CEO.