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Panasonic Kicks Off 3D Ad Program

Secaucus, N.J. –


said Thursday that it has started an advertising campaign focusing on the
company’s FullHD 3D Viera plasma TVs with Skype video-conferencing capability.

The campaign, which was created by the Arnold Worldwide agency,
is said to reinforce “the immersive and lifelike experience consumers get while
watching FullHD 3D on Panasonic Viera plasma displays.”

The ads underscore why plasma is considered the best technology
for 3D viewing because of its ability to provide Full 1080p resolution to both
the left and right eye, using new fast-switching phosphors technology, Infinite
Black Panel Pro and dual-scanning technology in tandem.

Also highlighted is the Skype video-conferencing capability, which
will enable users to connect with family and friends on high-def video calls
from a large-screen TV.

“We only have to look to the global success of Avatar and
popularity of other 3D films released within the last year to realize that the
widespread adoption of 3D TV within our own homes is underway,” stated Bob
Perry, Panasonic senior VP. “We’re extremely excited that Panasonic is
embarking on one of its most extensive and ambitious advertising campaigns to
support and promote the phenomenal capabilities of our award winning lineup of
superior 3D-technology products. Our objective is to ensure that consumers who
are shopping for a new television or BD player take the time to learn about
this 3D technology transition that Panasonic has created.”

The campaign kicks off with television advertising placements in
major markets, as well as spots on national and Spanish-language cable stations
and DirecTV.

The campaign will also employ national cinema placements, and print and online spots, as well as targeted out-of-home (billboards, bus
shelters) promotions in key markets.



runs through the week of June 14.