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Panasonic Asks For ‘Messages of Hope’

Osaka, Japan –


recently kicked off a goodwill
project to collect “messages of hope” from around the world to encourage
children in disaster areas.

The Messages of Hope project will run through Dec. 31 and is
aimed at generating support for the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery

The collected messages will be presented together with young
cherry trees to the Tohoku region in the spring of 2012.

 Panasonic invites
concerned people from around the world to send a “message of hope” that may be
posted on

a special website

Facebook or Twitter.

Each message will be added as a cherry flower to the cherry tree
on the website until it is in full bloom.

Once it reaches full bloom, posters and tapestries of it will be
made and presented together with young cherry trees to children in disaster

In 2007, Panasonic started its “Let’s Plant a Tree for a Unit”
campaign and has continued the activity to plant a tree for each unit of an
applicable Eco Navi product sold in Japan.

With the cooperation of Learning About Forests (LEAF) and
Eco-Schools of Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which is an
international NGO, more than 1.8 million trees have been planted in 45
countries, as of the end of September 2011.

In 2011, tree planting is scheduled to be done in 58 countries.
In Japan, young cherry trees will be planted at elementary schools,
kindergartens and daycare centers primarily in the Tohoku region, and the
Messages of Hope collected from around the world will be presented in the
spring of 2012.