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Panasonic Adds FullHD 3D Projector

Secaucus, N.J. – Panasonic introduced Wednesday a FullHD 3D-capable 3LCD-based home theater projector offering 2,400 lumens of brightness output and a 500,000:1 contrast ratio.

Model PT-AE8000U was said to have been “fine-tuned to produce images as close as possible to directors’ original intentions.”

The unit is equipped with a new 220 watt Red Rich lamp, which Panasonic said increases red intensity to reach the 2,400 lumen level.

The PT-AE8000U generates deeper blacks using the company’s Pure Contrast Plates, which match the LCD panel characteristics to “virtually eliminate light leakage.”

Also included is a Dynamic Iris to help achieve the 500,000:1 contrast claim.

The PT-AE8000U is said to ensure less crosstalk and 20 percent brighter images for comfortable and natural 3D viewing at home.

The unit’s 3D Motion Remaster feature interpolates an image between alternately created right and left images caused by the active shutter system and, as a result, enables smooth, continuous and properly positioned 3D images even in motion scenes.

The PT-AE8000U projector’s built-in IR transmitter enables synchronization with active shutter 3D glasses and can transmit up to 20 feet.

An optional IR transmitter offers greater installation flexibility with a transmission distance of up to 33 feet.

The 3D Viewing Monitor feature visually shows that the amount of parallax in the 3D images, which varies according to screen size, is within the safe zone set forth by the 3D Consortium Committee, for more comfortable viewing.

Users can also highlight positive and negative parallax within each image.

Further customization is possible with a 3D Picture Balance system, which allows users to see the right and left eye images side-by-side to adjust color, contrast and brightness based on the content.

“The PT-AE8000U is the ideal projector for home theater enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their settings,” said Scott Wellington, senior product marketing manager at Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. “The PT-AE8000U provides several advanced 3D customization features, previously only supported in 2D, including 3D Motion Remaster, 3D Lens Memory, Keystone Correction and a powered zoom and focus functionality.”

An enhanced Detail Clarity Processor 4 and Frame Creation 2 were optimized for 3D and allow the projection of fine detailed images. Additionally, Frame Creation 2 is now available during 2D-3D conversion.

For easier installation, the PT-AE8000U incorporates a 2x zoom and wide range lens shift to project an image up to 120 inches from as close as 11.8 feet or as far away as 23.6 feet.

The projector can also be installed from the ceiling or mounted to a wall with +/- 100 percent vertical adjustment and +/- 26 percent horizontal adjustment.

Panasonic’s Intelligent Lens Memory technology automatically detects and switches the lens and focus position to adjust for wider 2.35:1 aspect ratio material.

An Advanced Gamma Adjustment function has been improved in the PT-AE8000U, enabling users to control the gamma curve and more precisely calibrate the projector by adjusting brightness Y and R, G and B at any of 15 points.

By using the Split-Adjust mode, users can freeze the scene and make these adjustments while comparing side-by-side with the original image.

Panasonic said it will make the projector available to resellers in early October 2012.