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Panasonic 2013 TVs To Add Dragon TV

Burlington, Mass. — Nuance Communications’ Dragon TV voice-recognition technology is being used in step-up smart-TV models in Panasonic’s 2013 TV line, the company said Sunday.

 The technology will enable viewers to trigger basic TV commands, such as volume control and web searches by simply speaking.

Nuance’s Dragon TV’s text-to-speech capability also audibly reads TV text content and options on the screen, Nuance said.

“Smart TVs provide an amazing digital living room experience, but traditional remotes and program guides make it challenging to find and access all that exists for content and entertainment. Voice eliminates those barriers, allowing our consumers to not only control but also interact with Panasonic’s smart TVs,” said Hiroyuki Iwaki, Panasonic TV product planning group manager.

Dragon TV was designed specifically for smart-TV, device and set-top box OEMs and service operators.

“Consumers need a simple way to navigate and search the overwhelming amount of TV content,” said Michael Thompson, Nuance Mobile general manager and executive VP. “Dragon TV enables smart-TV manufacturers like Panasonic to deliver a differentiated and compelling experience in one of the most intuitive ways people communicate — through voice.”