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Optoma Debuts MovieTime DVD, DLP Projector Combo

Having ignited the home theater front projector market last year with the introduction of a $999 HD DLP model, Optoma will attempt to extend its streak by unveiling here a next-generation EDTV DLP front projector and DVD player in its MovieTime DVD/DLP combo series.

The portable DV11 (shipping in February at a $999 suggested retail), offers a compact design and a new built-in slide-loading DVD drive to accommodate more placement options, Optoma said.

Although Optoma (South Hall booth 20425) opened up the market to HD front projection with the $999 720p HD70 last fall, the DV11 will continue to project 480p EDTV resolution.

“Until we have HD DVD drives out there and things have really settled out [in the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc format war] it really didn’t make any sense to put an HD drive in there to do 720p,” explained Jon Grodem, Optoma’s senior product manager.

Instead of a top-loading DVD player, as used in earlier MovieTime models, the DV11 incorporates a slot-loading DVD drive.

“The advantage to the design is that you can mount it, permanently, if you want to, or take it with you,” Grodem said. “It’s more adaptable in different environments.”

The compact projector also offers enhanced audio with larger speaker drivers, and an updated cosmetic design, using a shorter profile and white cabinet with black accent trim.

Optoma will also show one of the industry’s largest HDTV rear projection systems in a 120W-inch model being unveiled in the BigVision series.

The in-wall projection system is slated to ship to eligible custom installers around mid year, Grodem said. It will produce full 1,920 by 1,080p resolution using a single DarkChip 3 digital micro mirror device (DMD) from Texas Instruments.

In wall depth will stay in the 30 to 40 inch range of current BigVision systems, he said, but unlike the 100W-inch model which is currently directed at home installations, Optoma expects the 120W-inch version to attract commercial and institutional sales.