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Onkyo Readies Remote-Control App For iPod/iPhone

Upper Saddle
River, N.J. – Onkyo will go to International CES to demonstrate its first remote-control
app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, enabling the Apple devices to control various
functions of Onkyo’s networked A/V receivers via Wi-Fi.

The free app,
available at the end of January, will control Onkyo’s next-generation networked
A/V receivers, which are due in 2011, and many current and older networked
models, the company said.

The app will
control such day-to-day operations as volume, balance, mute, input selection,
listening modes, and browsing of Internet Radio stations and content on
network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

On next-generation
networked A/V receivers due in 2011, the app will “offer full control of most
of the functionality” of the receivers, the company said. The app will control “much
of the functionality” of currently available networked receivers whose model
numbers end in 8. Owners of older receivers whose model numbers end in a 7 will
be able to use the app to control “basic receiver functions” such as volume up/down,
changing inputs, and the like.

The company said
it will release additional details in January.

For the app to
work, the networked A/V receivers must be connected to a home network.

component-audio companies, including Denon and Pioneer, also offer iPod/iPhone
remote-control apps for their networked products.