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NTIA Approves Apex TV Converter

Washington – The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has certified a digital-to-analog TV converter box from Apex Digital as eligible for the national TV converter box coupon program, the company said.

The converter box, model DT1001, is powered by a SupraHD 741 processor from IC manufacturer Zoran, the chip maker affirmed. Key allowable features in the box include a smart antenna interface.

“This continues our company’s proud tradition of developing and marketing affordable electronic products with innovative technology for consumers. Apex is most pleased with the cutting edge technology and unparalleled support from Zoran,” stated Jeannie Vogler, Apex Digital sales and marketing senior VP.

The NTIA’s certification means the set-top converter may be sold by NTIA authorized retailers through the converter box coupon program.

Under that government-subsidized program, consumers with TVs that rely on over-the-air analog television broadcasts exclusively for programming will be eligible for up to two $40 coupons, each of which can be applied to the purchase of an eligible convert box.

The device will allow residents to continue receiving free TV signals over the air to view programming on their older analog TV sets after analog TV broadcasts are shut off on Feb. 17, 2009.

The NTIA is accepting coupon applications by phone at (1-888-DTV-2009) and from its website at, until March 31, 2009. The first batch of coupons won’t be mailed out until Feb. 17, 2008. Coupons expire after 90 days.