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NRSC Seeks End To Music-Info Cutoff On Radio Displays

Arlington, Va. – Home and car
radios whose text displays cut off the names of artists and songs broadcast by
radio stations could become less common, thanks to an


(National Radio Systems
Committee) initiative.

The NRSC, which is jointly run by
the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of
Broadcasters, completed a quantitative analysis of Program Associated Data
(PAD) broadcast by radio stations. The analysis summarizes the number of
characters in artist names, song titles, and album titles broadcast by radio

The study, which is available to
hardware makers, “provides receiver makers and broadcasters with information about
the lengths of song titles and artist names to help them make decisions about
how best to convey this information to consumers,” said Dave Wilson, director
of the CEA’s technology and standards department.

The study doesn’t call on
suppliers to adopt scrolling displays or minimum display sizes, but it “simply
presents information about field lengths so that receiver manufacturers can
make informed decisions about how they display song title and artist
information,” he said.

Receiver makers and broadcasters can use the
data to “clearly and consistently deliver this information to consumers over
various devices,” Wilson added.

For the
study, broadcast group Clear Channel Radio developed an extensive PAD database
of more than 149,000 program items, CEA noted.