Niveus Adds Networked Zone Player


CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta - Niveus Media of Fremont, Calif., will go to the CEDIA Expo here with a newly launched networked media player, which is based on the Windows Vista Premium OS and incorporates built-in DVD/Blu-ray drive.

The new Zone Pro at $1,999 is three times faster than the company's $1,499 DVD/BD-equipped Zone player because it uses an 80GB solid-state hard drive in lieu of a mechanical hard drive with less capacity, said CEO Tim Cutting. Each Zone's hard drive is used primarily to support the Vista OS but can be used to store music and photos as well as recorded TV programming when connected to an optional Niveus Digital Cable Receiver with CableCard tuner.

Zone players network with other Zone players to share content with one another, included time-shifted cable programming, but they also stream content from a Niveus' networked Cargo 16-bay Storage Server or from networked servers based on the Windows Home Server technology. With the Zone Pro and new upgrades to the Zone, HD cable content can also be shared, the company said.

On the Cargo server, consumers store music, photos, PC video, and copied DVD and Blu-ray content. Although the Cargo lacks its own DVD/BD drive, discs can be copied to the Cargo via the drive-equipped Zone players. Although copy-protected DVDs and Blu-ray discs can be copied to the Cargo, they can be played back on the Zone players only if consumers install software that Niveus does not provide.

The Niveus system is promoted as Managed Copy-ready so that future Blu-ray discs with Managed Copy technology can be copied in an authorized way to a Cargo server.

All of the products are upgradable to Windows 7.


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