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Nielsen: Apple Tops In U.S. Smartphone Share

New York – The Android operating system is the most widely used smartphone OS among postpaid smartphone subscribers in the U.S., but Apple with its competing iOS operating system is the most widely used smartphone brand in the U.S., a Nielsen consumer survey shows.

RIM and HTC tied for second place among smartphone users in the June survey of more than 20,000 postpaid smartphone users.

Google’s Android OS is used by 39 percent of postpaid smartphone subscribers, but because multiple vendors use Android, Apple is tops in smartphone marketshare at 28 percent, Nielsen found.

The BlackBerry OS, offered only by RIM, accounted for 20 percent of the smartphones used by postpaid smartphone subscribers, followed by Windows Mobile at 9 percent.

For its part, HTC also commanded a 20 percent share. HTC-made Android phones are used by 14 percent of postpaid smartphone users, and HTC-made Windows Mobile phones accounted for another 6 percent of postpaid smartphone share, Nielsen found.

Motorola, which offers only the Android OS in the U.S., enjoys an 11 percent share, while Samsung enjoys a 10 percent share (8 percent Android, 2 percent Windows Mobile.