New Child-Safety Software From PeeWee PC

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Miami - PeeWeePC today began shipping a software bundle designed to keep young children safe while using the Internet.

The PeeWee Kit is self-contained on a USB drive and is optimized for netbook computers, the company said. PeeWee PC is a maker of child-oriented computer hardware and software.

The software included is PeeWee Patrol and PeeWee Privacy. The two apps allow parents to control all aspects of their child's access to the Internet, including how much time they can surf, blocking inappropriate sites, saving the browsing history and it will take a screenshot of the webpage so the parents can see what the child is viewing. In addition, the parent can remotely control the laptop.

The suite has three levels of security, Pre-K, Early Elementary and Upper Elementary so it can be tuned to the right age group.

Also, included are seven age appropriate games and educational software titles.

The USB drive carries a $29.99 suggested retail price. A CD version is also available for $19.99 and it features only four bundled games.


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