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NAD Rebuffs LG, Sony In 3D TV Ad Dispute


The National Advertising Division
(NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus
Thursday rebuffed both LG and Sony for conduct surrounding
LG’s advertising campaign last year for Cinema
3D TVs.

The council, which oversees the advertising industry’s
self-regulatory practices, said LG’s advertised
claim that in tests, “four out of five people chose LG
over Sony and Samsung for overall 3D experience”
and other conditions, was based on “materially
flawed” consumer perception evidence.

The NAD also rebuffed Sony for violating advertising
industry system procedures after a Sony executive allegedly
contacted customers regarding the outcome
of the case in advance of the NAD’s decision, and
used that communication for promotional purposes.

The NAD said it examined the conditions under
which consumers viewed LG’s 3D televisions, including
the viewing distance and angle, screen sizes,
panel refresh rate and the resolution of the 3D
televisions tested, as well as the 3D glasses offered
by the parties.

“Having found the consumer-perception evidence
upon which they were based to be materially flawed,
NAD recommended that the advertiser discontinue
the claims,” an NAD statement read.

Representatives from LG did not reply to requests
for comment as this went to press.

A Sony spokesman said his company was pleased
that “the NAD thought there was no reasonable
evidence to support LG’s claim,” and in defense of
Sony’s actions said, “LG claimed that the advertising
campaign would be discontinued and was therefore
no longer relevant.”

“However, as it was still on its website and other
places, we felt compelled to contact our dealers
directly,” the Sony spokesman continued. “We disagree
with the NAD that this communication violates
its prohibition of using NAD decisions for promotional
purposes. We didn’t feel this was for promotional
purposes. We just wanted to contact the dealers as
LG is continuing to use these claims.”