NAD Components To Control Home Systems


CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta - Select NAD audio components will become the control centers for Control 4's home automation systems, NAD announced here at the CEDIA Expo.

NAD said it will embed Control4 technology in a module that can be plugged inside three A/V receivers, a preamp processor and a tuner/preamp/processor. From the components' onscreen displays, consumers will be able to operate Control4-enabled home systems without interrupting their TV or movie viewing, the company said.

Control4 systems include multi-room audio, lighting, climate control and security. All are based on such industry standards as Ethernet and Wi-Fi as well as the wireless ZigBee standard to simplify system installation and reduce costs.

The NAD components will "become the primary control point for the connected home," said Greg Stidsen, NAD product planning director.

The company's new CM 200 automation module will be available early next year at a price to be determined. The module will incorporate one component-video input, one component-video output, one Ethernet port, two USB ports, two IR inputs, two IR outputs and a ZigBee antenna.

Currently available modules upgrade the audio and video processing and A/V inputs/outputs of the five NAD components that incorporate the company's Modular Design Construction (MDC) series. The five components are the T 785, T 775, T 765 A/V receivers, the T 175 tuner/preamp/processor and the Masters-series M15HD preamp/processor. Installers can add the modules at the time of sale or upgrade existing components already in homes.


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