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NAB Releases DTV Transition PSA

Washington — The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) released the first of its digital television (DTV) transition television spots for broadcast on stations across the country.

The “DTV Action” spot, which was distributed to stations last week, promotes consumer awareness of the transition. Along with the spot, broadcasters received a package of video elements designed to help stations educate consumers through newscasts.

The spots were produced by the NBC Agency in Los Angeles and distributed in both English and Spanish, the NAB said.

They were designed to relay the following key messages:

  • Digital television provides numerous benefits to viewers.
  • All broadcast television will be digital in 2009.
  • Some consumers will need to upgrade or they will lose their TV signals.
  • More information is available by visiting or calling (888) DTV-2009.

NAB’s video package also includes 10 minutes of video footage for newscasts, such as:

  • footage of a DTV converter box, including a consumer hooking up her analog television to a box;
  • footage of transmission towers and antennas;
  • interviews with Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez; and
  • an additional interview with Secretary Gutierrez in Spanish.

“This video package is only the first step in NAB’s multifaceted media plan to educate consumers about the DTV transition,” stated David K. Rehr, NAB president/CEO. “Our spots are informational and drive general awareness that the DTV transition is a good thing for consumers, but that they may need to take action to upgrade. Our stations have already received and will continue to receive educational materials from NAB by February 2009 to educate consumers about DTV.”