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MSE Goes Above, Below Ground At CEDIA

Denver — New audio products introduced by MSE Audio include the thinnest three-channel passive soundbar under the Phase Technology brand, the first Rockustics-brand underground subwoofers that vent above ground into mock-rock enclosures, and the first wireless rock speakers from Rockustics.

The thin Phase Technology soundbar is the three-channel Teatro TSB 3.0, which is only 2.5 inches thick at its deepest point and 1.75 inches thick at its narrowest point. The $650-everyday soundbar, due by the end of the year, expands the brand’s passive three-channel soundbar lineup to three models. The other two are audiophile-oriented models priced at $1,180 and $1,560. They’re about twice as deep as the new model.

Under the Rockustics brand, the Sub Sub (Subterranean Subwoofer) series consists of three underground subwoofers, one with a single 10-inch driver, one with a 12-inch driver and one with a 15-inch driver. The former two are priced at $1,390 and $1,590. Pricing on the third model hasn’t been set.

In bringing wireless to outdoor rock speakers, the company launched the Rockustics Telestone, which consists of a 2×50-watt amplifier with 2.4GHz wireless receiver inside a rock enclosure. Underground speaker cables from the Telestone connect to any pair of Rockustics speakers. The Telestone and an in-home wireless transmitter retail for $900.

The transmitter sends music from one connected source at a time from any source connected via USB, balanced input, unbalanced input and line input. Up to three transmitters can operate simultaneously to send different sources to different groups of rock speakers.