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Monster Introduces Turbine Pro Headphones

Brisbane, Calif. – Monster updated its in-ear headphones today with the
introduction of the Turbine Pro.

Billed as
high-performance headphones that deliver reference-quality sound, the Turbine
Pros feature the company’s SuperTip ear tips for noise isolation.

SuperTips come in two sizes (small and large) with the headphones, along with
Monster’s traditional ear tips in three sizes and two sets of triple-layered
ear tips.

Noel Lee,
head monster of the company, said in a statement: “Our goal with Turbine Pro
was to create a headphone capable of recreating every nuance of the
professional in-studio music listening experience, whether the music is
hip-hop, jazz, vocals, classical, or rock … Imagine the speed and delicacy of
an electrostatic speaker, with the power that only dynamic speakers can
deliver, coupled with a subwoofer that can reproduce a true 20Hz tone. That’s
what you get with Turbine Pro. Thanks to the use of new materials, proprietary
driver design and other engineering improvements, Turbine Pro delivers this
sound, providing the very best listening solution, regardless of price.”

designs of the headphones will be available in November: black chrome, and
copper with bright chrome. They come with a soft carrying pouch and a matching
clip pouch.

retail is $299. A model with Monster’s ControlTalk headphone cable for use with
the iPhone, iPod or other smartphones will be available for $329. ControlTalk
is designed to let users have full music playback control and take hands-free

spokesman for Monster told TWICE that further specs were not available at this
time. The headphones do come with a one-time lifetime replacement guarantee.