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Monitor Upgrades Compact Radius Series Speakers

Pickering, Ontario – Monitor Audio upgraded its Radius series of compact speakers, which consists of eight models that include a three-channel passive soundbar, LCR, center-channel speaker, and two active subwoofers.

 The U.K. company’s series, imported by Kevro International, now sports all-metal alloy midbass and tweeter drivers for the first time and features slimmer center channel speaker, slimmer LCR, and slimmer three-channel passive soundbar. The two active subwoofers were reengineered to deliver higher output and deeper bass response, the company added.

The new speakers include the Radius 45 super-compact speaker cube at a suggested $375/pair and the $500/pair Radius90 compact two-way monitor with 4-inch C-CAM mid-bass driver and 1-inch C-CAM gold-dome tweeter.

CCAM stands for ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium, a material originally developed by the aerospace industry for use as blades in jet engines. The material delivers increased efficiency and clarity and reduced distortion, the company said.

  The $400-each Radius225 compact LCR features cabinet depth reduced 40 percent to 2.5 inches for lower profile on-wall placement. It features dual C-CAM mid-bass drivers with C-CAM tweeter in a midrange-tweeter-midrange (MTM) configuration.

 The $375-each Radius200 compact center-channel speaker is also smaller than before with dual C-CAM mid-bass drivers and C-CAM tweeter in an MTM configuration.

 The $825-suggested RadiusONE passive three-channel compact soundbar features cabinet depth reduced by 40 percent to 2.5 inches for lower profile on-wall placement. Three C-CAM mid-bass driver/ tweeter pairs operate in in individual separate ported cabinets but share a single grille.

 The two active subs feature higher power than their predecessors and newly developed dual driver system consisting of side-firing active and passive C-CAM drivers that are color-coded to match the cabinet finish. Both DSP-controlled subs offer impact, music and movie EQ presets and a 12-volt trigger. The $725 Radius 380 features twin 8-inch drivers powered by a 200-watt Class D for twice the power of its predecessor. The $900 390 features two 10-inch drivers powered by a 220-watt Class D amp.

 The speakers are available in gloss black, gloss white, and walnut.

 The speakers’ metal-alloy C-CAM mid-bass drivers “offer greater drive force, longer excursions and lower distortion, producing cleaner, more extended and accurate bass definition,” the company said. The new 1-inch C-CAM tweeter was developed to deliver the widest, cleanest frequency range possible from compact cabinets, the company added. The tweeter vents internally through a specially designed housing and around the outside of the magnet system to a rear-loading chamber to yield much lower resonance and better damping to deliver a smoother, more natural response, the company said.