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Mobile DTV Ripe for Demand: OMVC

Washington –


, a new live and free TV service for portable electronics, will likely
meet with consumer demand, according to a study commissioned by the

Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC)

which promotes the technology.

Mobile DTV is in the early stages of deployment, with about 30
broadcasters (out of a total 1,600) testing or airing the service and leading
suppliers such LG Electronics expected to offer portable Mobile DTV products
starting early next year.

A survey by Magid Media Labs, which interviewed 1,000 adults,
found that 88 percent expressed interest in watching live local TV on a mobile
device and more than three-quarters of adults would most likely watch Mobile
DTV on a laptop, netbook, cellphone or smartphone.

Nearly half of adults are interested in buying a new portable
with Mobile DTV service, said the study, and of those adults with children in
the household, nearly a third (31 percent) said they would give the mobile
device to their child to watch in the car.

Mobile DTV uses the same digital spectrum as local TV stations
for HD programming and allows the broadcast of simulcast programs to portable
devices. It differs from current Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
TV broadcasts because it works well even in motion, so it may be used by
pedestrians in handhelds or in the car in portables or fixed devices.

A standard for Mobile DTV was passed in October by the ATSC
allowing for a free service, although the technology permits tiered programming
so broadcasters may elect to add subscription and pay-per-view programming.

The study also found that “Millenials” (age 18 to 29) are twice
as likely to watch local news if it’s on a portable. While only 26 percent
watch news at home, 52 percent said they would view it on a mobile device, said
the OMVC.

Also, more than a third (36 percent) of those surveyed expressed interest
in watching movies or sporting events on a mobile device on a pay-per-view
basis. Additionally, 49 percent said they would watch commercials on a portable