MK Sound To Diversify Speaker Lineup



Indianapolis -

MK Sound

will diversify its product selection at next month's CEDIA Expo with its first floorstanding speaker, first flat on-wall speaker intended for use with flat-panel TVs, and an addition to its in-wall speaker series.

The company will also take the wraps off three powered subwoofers.

Pricing was unavailable.

In its Architectural series of speakers, the company is adding its first in-ceiling model to its current selection of three in-wall speakers without bezels. The new IW5 features 4-inch midbass driver and 1-inch neodymium dome tweeter with choice of square or round magnet-mounted grilles, which are white and paintable. It also features spring-loaded terminals with polarity markings, steel front baffle, and acoustic signature designed to match the MK Sound M series of in-room satellites.

It will join two-way models with 5.25- and 6.5-inch woofers, all of which feature the company's proprietary Phase-Focused crossover design to ensure a strong imaging throughout a room regardless of speaker placement, the company said.

The brand's first floorstanding speaker, the 950F, is a floorstanding version of the 950 monitor, which launched last year to fit between the 750 THX Select speaker and the 150 THX Ultra speaker. The sealed-enclosure 950F is 48 inches tall but narrow to provide a minimal footprint. It is said to deliver a wide sweet spot.

Designed for use with any MK Sound subwoofer, the 950F features dual 5.25-inch polypropylene woofers, MK's Sound Pro tweeter and the company's Phase Focused crossover, which optimizes response in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

The open-back tweeter is said to be fast and accurate while eliminating high-frequency smearing and phase/combing anomalies.

It sports a metal mesh curved grille that is acoustically inert and held in place with magnets to eliminate the buzzing and rattling.

For its MP7 on-wall speaker, the company developed a reduced-depth version of its in-room M7 but retained the M7's internal volume to retain the audio quality of a full-size compact speaker, the company said. It's designed for use with flat-screen TVs.

The MP7 is available in gloss black or gloss white with pressed metal mesh magnet-mount grilles with protected edges.

In powered subs, the company will unveil the X8, X10 and X12 subwoofers, which feature two 8-inch, two 10-inch and two 12-inch drivers, respectively. In each sub, the drivers are arrayed in a push-pull configuration with front-mounted woofer and identical bottom-mounted "back-out" woofer to deliver high SPLs and accurate extended low frequencies, thanks to reduced mechanical distortion, which is usually generated by the woofer suspensions, and reduced electrical distortion, which is usually generated by a moving voice coil, the company said.

In other planned launches, the company will update its 150 THX Ultra2-certified speaker and S-150T THX Ultra2-certified Mk 2 Tripole surround speaker.

Both add proprietary Pro high-frequency tweeter with coated silk dome, lightweight copper-clad aluminum wire, and waveguide to step up high-frequency clarity and resolution, the company said.

The revised S-150T THX Ultra2 Tripole is a monopole/dipole speaker suited for left-right and back-surround channels with 3.25-inch polypropylene cone driver on each side, which generates the dipolar sound field, and a direct-radiating woofer/tweeter combo on the front. The driver complement generates solid imaging while also delivering diffuse ambience as needed, the company said. As a result, consumers don't have to make a choice between monopole and dipole speakers, the company said.

The brand is sold direct to brick-and-mortar retailers and installers, though a few items have been sold online by Abt. "However, going forward this will most likely not continue," said MK Sound USA executive director Aldo Filippelli. "Thus, it is our plan to sell through specialty audio retailers and custom installers who only sell in their stores or businesses, and not online sales."


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