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Mitsubishi Begins 3-D TV Promo

Irvine, Calif. – Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
(MDEA) launched Monday a promotion of its 3-D-ready Home Theater series TVs
with Internet-based video game publication

The promotion will showcase the capabilities of 3-D gaming and
movies, and includes a sweepstakes for a chance to win a complete Mitsubishi 3-D
home entertainment package, including a 65-inch 3-D-ready Home Theater TV,
Aspen media server, Nvidia graphics card, an emitter and two pair of
active-shutter 3-D glasses.

“For gamers, 3-D is the perfect technology to bring the
action to life, and we are ready to help take it to the next level through the
incredible picture performance and exceptional value that our Home Theater TVs
deliver,” said Frank DeMartin, Mitsubishi marketing VP. “With more
and more 3-D video content being produced, this sweepstakes will put the winner
in the enviable position of owning one of the most complete bundles of 3-D
video equipment the entertainment industry currently has to offer.”

Mitsubishi estimates that about 400 PC games will be converted to
3-D, including such titles as World of Warcraft; Spor; Warhammer Online: Age Of
Reckoning; and Batman Arkham Asylum.

Hollywood movie titles produced
in 3-D to date include “Journey to the Center of the Earth,”
“Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” and “Avatar” (coming Dec.

3-D entertainment promotion with MDEA
will run from Aug. 28 to Sept. 30,
and is open to all U.S.

The grand-prize winner will receive a prize package worth
approximately $3,500.00, including:

* A Mitsubishi 65-inch 3-D-ready Home Theater TV – WD-65737;

* An Aspen Media Server – Velocity Micro Edge Gx335 desktop PC
(2.83 GHz);

* Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor, 6GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, 20x
DVD burner, Vista Premium;

* Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB GPU;

* Emitter – GeForce 3-D vision USB controller/Infrared emitter;

* 3-D glasses (two pairs) – custom-engineered active shutter

Mitsubishi’s entire Home Theater TV line includes 3-D-ready
viewing technology.

Its 737 series includes 60-, 65-, 73- and 82-inch screen sizes,
and the 837 series features 65-, 73- and 82-inch sizes.

A 3-D standard format is still being developed between multiple
manufacturers in the CE industry for Blu-ray and DVD prepackaged media. A 3-D
standard may emerge that is not compatible with Mitsubishi LaserVue or Home
Theater DLPs, the company warned.