Mitsubishi Adds Professional 56-Inch 4K LCD Monitor

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Irvine, Calif. -

Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America

(MEVSA) introduced Tuesday the 56P-QF65LCU 4K "quadruple Full HD" (QFHD) 56-inch LCD monitor for professional applications.

The 56P-QF65LCU features a 56-inch screen with 3,840 by 2,160 pixel resolution (more than 8 megapixels displayed at one time).


"While some manufacturers have cut 4K from their product lines, Mitsubishi is committed to this necessary resolution," stated Matt Krstulja, MEVSA national sales manager. "There are many applications, particularly in industrial, health and physical sciences, which need this type of super-high resolution. Mitsubishi Electric is here to meet that need."

Mitsubishi is positioning the monitor for viewing multiple screens of data on one panel, allowing small group collaboration in environments that may have limited real estate or in intimate settings where people must analyze dense amounts of data.

Applications may include work with science, engineering, financial services, mapping, satellite imagery, utilities, government, armed forces and law enforcement, the company said.

The QFHD monitor is said to condense information from a tiled display wall used in electric plants, government and armed forces facilities, police situation rooms, financial control rooms and other environments, sending them to one smaller display source for quick and accurate viewing.

Managers can streamline and supervise operations at one location on one screen for quick and efficient observation and monitoring.

The 56P-QF65LCU LCD monitor uses a Super MVA LCD with a 50,000-hour backlight lifetime, and has two brightness modes: power-saving normal (480 watts) and bright (540 watts).

Data is sent to this display via a connection to a computer or display wall processor capable of four 1080p output channels.

A standard VESA mounting structure is included to allow the monitor to be installed on a wall or ceiling.

The panel is aid to have a 176-degree viewing angle.

Mitsubishi's 56P-QF65LCU is available through authorized Mitsubishi Electric dealers and systems integrators. The monitor comes with Mitsubishi Electric's two-year limited warranty on parts and labor. Terms and conditions apply.

Pricing was not immediately available. 


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