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Mid-June Release Tagged For Blu-ray Specs

Tokyo – The nine major CE companies that have jointly established specifications for Blu-ray Disc will announce those specs on June 14.

The companies, which are called the ‘Blu-ray Disc Founders,’ according to the release, include Hitachi, LG Electronics, Matsushita, Pioneer, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Thomson Multimedia. Blu-ray Disc is a next generation, large capacity, optical video-recording format for HDTV.

By announcing the specification in June the group wants to give companies a period to study the specifications prior to the start of licensing, which is scheduled for the end of June.

As mentioned in the group’s February press conference Blu-ray Disc enables recording, rewriting and playback of up to 27 gigabytes of data on a single-sided single-layer disc that is the same size as standard CDs and DVDs. A Blu-ray disc will record over 2 hours of digital high-definition video and more than 13 hours of standard TV broadcasts.

In addition the system will enable the recording of high-definition images from digital video cameras, while the random access capabilities of the disc will simplify and add greater flexibility to video editing.

The set of the specifications costs $5,000. Requests for the specifications should be made to Royal Philips Electronics Intellectual Property & Standards Business Support. The fax number is +31402732113 and the website is