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Microsoft Debuts Collapsible Mouse

Redmond, Wash. –
Microsoft today unveiled a portable mouse that collapses to a 15mm-thick flat
form for storage and pops up to a traditional curved form for use.

The Arc Touch
mouse features Microsoft’s first touch scroll strip, which adjusts scrolling
speeds by reacting to a user’s gently sliding or quickly flicking finger swipe.

Using a
capacitive-sensing technique and sensor pads, the strip corresponds to each
position and velocity change to give users accurate, controlled scrolling no
matter how fast or slow the movement, Microsoft said. The scrolling can be
stopped with a simple tap. The strip also has three tap “buttons” for added
functionality: page up, page down and the middle click area, which is
reprogrammable for whatever mouse function the user needs most.

technology mimics the bumps users would feel while using a traditional scroll

The Arc Touch
adjusts from curved to flat with one hand movement, turning off automatically
upon collapse. It also turns on automatically when popped up.

The mouse is
equipped with BlueTrack Technology, letting consumers track on virtually any
surface, the company said. A magnetic snap-in nano transceiver is stored on the
bottom of the mouse.

Two AAA batteries
give the Arc Touch Mouse more than six months of battery life, and a two-color
battery life indicator is included.

The Arc Touch
mouse will be available for the estimated retail of $69.95. It is available now
for presale on, and, and it will ship to retailers
in early December. It will be broadly available online and in stores in January