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Michael Jordan Edition Palm Due This Summer

Santa Clara, Calif. — Palm will offer Michael Jordan special editions of the m100 and m500 that will be sold online and through select stores, company executive reported.

This summer, the new models will ship offering special black cosmetics with Michael Jordan’s signature and with a software bundle selected by the famous former NBA athlete.

The Palm m100, at $159 comes with a black faceplate and flip cover with the Jordan’s name in silver on the front. The Palm m500 handheld, at $425, has the Jordan logo on the top left-hand corner. (The m100 and m500 typically carry retail prices of $129 and $399, respectively). Both models include ‘unique software applications, handpicked by Jordan’ including: inspirational quotes from Jordan, Michael Jordan trivia (to test your knowledge of Jordan and his career), Michael Jordan training tips (a guide to stay fit by Jordan’s personal trainers), a basketball scoring application, Blackjack, Pinball and a car maintenance application.

Palm is offering the product in conjunction with PTN Media, which helped the company launch the Claudia Schiffer Palm handheld in August 2000. According to Palm, the ‘The Claudia Schiffer Palm handheld’s success led to the development of the Michael Jordan Palm handheld.’

The Michael Jordan Palms may be ordered at and on . They will also be available at major retailers within the month as well as Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Chapel Hill, N.C and a retail store at O’Hare International Airport.