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MHL Consortium Celebrates 100 Licensees

Sunnyvale, Calif. – The Mobile High DefinitionLink (MHL) Consortium,
which promotes the use, adoption and licensing of the MHL standard, now lists
more than 100 licensees, the organization said Thursday. The specs were first launched
in June 2010.

Products developed by
these companies include adapters, automotive accessories, A/V receivers,
Blu-ray Disc players, cables, DTVs, monitors, projectors, smartphones, tablets,
TV accessories and more.

Using only five wires, MHL
technology delivers 1080p uncompressed video with up to eight channels of
digital audio while providing a charge to the mobile device. Consumers can
connect their MHL-enabled devices to a big-screen TV to watch HD videos, play
video games or work on business presentations.

Consumers are also able to control MHL-enabled mobile devices
using the existing DTV remote.

Since the retail introduction of the first MHL-enabled devices
less than a year ago, the MHL ecosystem continues to grow with a steady stream
of product announcements.

“In addition to more traditional use cases such as gaming, media
entertainment and desktop productivity, it’s been exciting to see companies
finding unique ways to implement MHL technology, such as in-dash receivers,”
said Tim Wong, MHL president. “Hitting the 100 adopter milestone within two
years of inception is a remarkable achievement. This is another great
validation of the many benefits of MHL technology, such as charging the device
while connected and experiencing mobile content on a large screen without lag.”