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McAfee Unveils New Pricing Plan, Unlimited Licenses with LiveSafe

New York — McAfee has revamped its security software by offering introductory pricing and giving users an unlimited number of licenses for their desktop and mobile devices.

McAfee’s LiveSafe, which becomes available in July, is intended to make it as simple as possible for consumers to protect their entire digital life, said Gary Davis, McAfee’s global consumer marketing VP.

By establishing a $19.99 introductory price point and allowing the software to be used on an unlimited number of devices, Davis hopes to encourage people to take the plunge. LiveSafe is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Davis cited McAfee research that saw a 12 percent increase in malware being sent to Android devices in the last quarter and noted that about 20 percent of all PCs worldwide do not have any protection.

“The price is set to get it out to as many devices as possible,” Davis said.

After the first year the price increases to the standard $79.99; however, Davis believes that once people become accustomed to LiveSafe’s benefits, they will not mind paying the full price. To further encourage LiveSafe owners, Davis said there will be a loyalty program offering levels of savings depending upon how many devices are attached to the software and the amount of protection being used. The more the software utilized, the higher the savings, Davis said.

The amount of savings has not yet been determined.

McAfee is also trying to be known as more than just an anti-virus software company. Davis said in a world where many families have in excess of three or four web-connected products, the company wants to stress that it can protect their entire digital life.

Part of this will be by allowing unlimited usage. Normally, only three licenses are granted per purchase, but McAfee will not cap this with LiveSafe. The company is asking that the software be limited to the devices in a household. While it can track how many times it has been installed, there are no plans to limit usage.

In addition to basic security, LiveSafe features a Cloud-based Personal Locker — essentially a virtual safety deposit box. Users take photos of valuable documents, such as passports, IDs or financial records, which can be accessed if lost, making replacement easier.

The software also offers facial and voice recognition that ties a user’s biometric features to a specific device. Davis believes that this will eventually replace the user-word/password combination.

The software can also locate a stolen device, lock it, and wipe it clean so the data is not taken.

McAfee premium support is available for free.