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Maytag Man 5.0 Debuts

BENTON HARBOR, MICH. — Maytag introduced the fifth generation of its iconic Maytag repairman, but the character has a new twist.

Instead of playing the bored repairman waiting for an appliance to break down, he is literally the machine itself. The new ad program has the actor sitting under the counter, “being” the oven or dishwasher.

“The Maytag Man is a creative interpretation of our motto, ‘What’s Inside Matters,’ illustrating all the human and relatable virtues that exist inside appliances — performance, dependability, power. We want to recognize and draw a connection to individuals who work with strength, resilience and persistence, just like our appliances, to get the job done,” William Beck, senior director of Whirlpool, Maytag, value brands and channel marketing.

The Maytag Man will be shown via a series of videos shown on YouTube, and social media.

The original Maytag Man was created and played by Jesse White in 1967, a role he had for 20 years.