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Magico Expands Q Speaker Series

Berkeley, Calif. – Magico is
expanding its Q series of high-end home speakers whose enclosures are made of
aircraft-grade aluminum.

The company uses aluminum because
of its density and high stiffness/mass ratio, said sales director Irv Gross.

The company has begun shipping
the $34,000/pair Q3 and plans third-quarter shipments of the Q1 at
$24,950/pair. They join the top-end $59,950/pair Q5, which shipped last May.

The Q1 is a compact, convertible
stand-mounted/bookshelf loudspeaker that will replace and outperform the
$32,000/pair Mini II, which features an aluminum baffle, Gross said.

The Q1 features a new set of
Magico-designed drivers, including a 7-inch Nano-Tec woofer developed to improve
efficiency and power handling, enabling the Q1 to be driven by amps with as few
as 50 watts, he said. The driver also extends bass response down another 7Hz
compared to the Mini II.

To address what Gross called “the
common problem of resonance in the stand mount,” the Q1 is directly coupled to
the stand, turning the stand itself into a damping mechanism.

The Q3, which premiered at CES,
is a floor-standing three-way tower that is the same height as the Q5 but is
narrower and shallower. The 47 by 10.5 by 16-inch Q3 is the first Magico
loudspeaker to achieve a sensitivity rating of 90 dB (at 1watt/1 meter and 1kHz
nominal impedance), Gross noted.

The Q3 features three 7-inch
woofers, one 6-inch midrange, and a 1-inch tweeter.

Magico makes its speakers in
Berkeley and builds the aluminum enclosures it its own machine shop in San
Jose, Calif., to lower manufacturing costs, Gross noted.