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Mack Warranty Revamping Web Portal

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. – Mack Worldwide Warranty, the 76-year-old extended-warranty provider and servicer for CE and majaps, will be launching a completely updated customer and dealer portal during the quarter.

Along with an interface overhaul, Mack said it has also invested in the latest web technology to vastly improve the speed of the site, and to enhance its look, feel and functionality. The improvements, said Mack president Jennifer Monasterio, “will set a new milestone for the Mack user experience.”

Customers who purchase the Mack Warranty will now have a user profile associated with their account, which will provide secure access to all of their warranty purchases. The customer will also be able to log in at any time to view, print, download and save warranties using a managed list within their account.

The new registration interface has also been improved to make the registration process even faster and easier than before, Mack said, and the upgraded site will also include a new service-request module that will allow users to view recent and current service requests associated with their account. Each request will be saved to their profile where the current status of the request can also be viewed.

Dealers will also enjoy a new graphical interface to make ordering virtual warranties quick and easy, Mack noted. Among the changes, a new module, Quick Order Entry, will be available to allow warranties to be added to the shopping cart with just the Mack SKU and quantity ordered.

The new dealer portal release will also feature modules to register warranties and initiate service requests for customers; view open orders and invoice history; and maintain their list of warranties purchased for virtual and physical delivery.

Mack will also be dedicating space for each dealer to access marketing, point-of-sale and education materials online, and dealers will be able to upload their daily sales files directly from their accounts.

Mack, based here, was founded in 1938 as a local repair shop and became one of the first authorized warranty repair services for major CE manufacturers, including Sony, Canon and JVC. Today it ranks among the largest industry repair facilities in the U.S., has extended its vendor-trained repair service offshore, and also provides a comprehensive range of extendedwarranty products in two tiers: standard coverage, for manufacturer defects, and Diamond service, which includes accidental damage from handling (ADH), liquid, impact, wear and tear and lemon protection.