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Lutron Brings App Control To Less Costly Lighting Systems

Coopersburg, Pa. – Lutron is bringing app control to its more affordable Caseta series of wireless lighting dimmers and Serena series of remote-control battery-operated shades.

The company already offers app control of its more sophisticated home-automation systems.

To enable app control from iOS and Android smartphones, dealers must install the $200-suggested Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, which will be available in early summer. It plugs directly into a home’s Wi-Fi router and sends proprietary wireless RF signals to Caseta wireless dimmers and Serena shades. The app will also control select third-party A/V control systems and security systems integrated with a Lutron system.

The Smart Bridge Pro pairs with the new Lutron app with the press of a button, enabling setup and installation in less than 30 minutes, the company said.

The app enables control via a mobile device’s Wi-Fi while the user is inside the house and via a mobile device’s cellular radio when the user is at a remote location. Applications include turning off lights, turning on lights on from the car when arriving home, and closing shades and turning off lights while at work.

The app can be used to create and schedule time-clock events and basic scenes.

The app and Smart Bridge Pro work with Caseta Wireless in-wall dimmers that control overhead lights and work with dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs, halogens, magnetic low-voltage loads and incandescent lights. The dimmer can replace existing light switches. The app and SmartBridge will also work with a planned LED bulb embedded with Lutron’s wireless technology for in-ceiling applications. The bulb will be available in late 2014.

Caseta Wireless starter kits, featuring a Pico remote control with a dimmer (either wall or lamp), are available at suggested $80.