Low-Profile Custom Speakers Shy From The Spotlight

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– The custom industry hasn’t reverse-engineered a Romulan cloaking device just yet, but it doesn’t take alien technology to make custom-installed speakers fade into the background.

To make their products friendly to interior designers, architects and homeowners who eschew wall and ceiling clutter, suppliers are launching more in-wall or in-ceiling speakers with bezel-less or narrow-bezel designs, low-profile grilles, and small footprints.

Other suppliers are taking the concept outdoors with in-ground subwoofers.

Given the depressed state of newhome construction, other suppliers are trying to expand the total addressable market with speakers targeted to multiple dwelling units and retrofit installation.

Here at the CEDIA Expo:

• Niles is updating its DS and ICS series of in-ceiling speakers with low-profile grilles and narrow bezels.;

• Phase Technology is launching four 3-inch speakers for close quarters;

• Polk is showing its Vanishing series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers;

• Revel is unveiling bezel-less speakers.

• SpeakerCraft is launching flangeless in-wall and ceiling speakers and its first underground subwoofer;

• Sonance is expected to unveil new Low-Profile Custom Speakers Shy From The Spotlight landscape speakers as part of its strategic partnership with Ambi- Sonics, whose speakers consist of underground subwoofers and above-ground satellite speakers that look light outdoor accent lights that hang from trees and get staked into the ground; and

• Elan is launching its first speakers targeted at MDUs and retrofit installs.


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