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Lookee TV Adds Audio Recording App

Burnaby, British Columbia – Lookee TV, Canadian-based marketers
of connected TV streaming entertainment devices, said it is adding an app for
DVR-like recording of Internet-delivered audio content to its family of

The company is using a digital audio recording system from, which will allow


users to record Internet radio stations and programs to a free 2GB
online content locker storage system maintained by partner MP3tunes.

The Lookee TV devices can then be used to play back stored
content on demand.

Lookee TV currently offers a 7-inch and 4.3-inch LCD HD desktop
players, a 4.3-inch LCD portable player and an HD set-top Internet TV box. The
units with built-in displays also include speakers, and, like the set-top box, have
the ability to connect to TVs via HDMI or component video for big-screen video
playback at up to 720p HD resolution.

All the Lookee TV players also include a number of entertainment apps
and functions with a growing list of content partners. Current partners
include: FilmOn, MediaFly, Vimeo, Blubrry, FlickStream, MP3tunes and

The Lookee TV devices connect to broadband service via Wi-Fi or optional
Ethernet connection and include SD card slots for access to additional stored

Other functions include an FM radio and dual alarm clock, photo
slide show player, and content streaming from a PC via UPnP function.

The company is currently looking for retail partners and is
selling its 4.3-inch desktop player direct from its website at a $180 suggested