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Logitech Debuts Comfort Wave Keyboards

Fremont, Calif. — Logitech today announced two keyboards that feature that company’s Comfort Wave design.

The cordless Desktop Wave and the corded Wave keyboard combine three elements that are meant to enhance comfort without requiring people to change the way they type: a wave key-frame design; a U-shaped constant curve; and a cushioned, contoured palm rest.

According to Logitech, there is no learning curve when using the Comfort Wave design, unlike with ergonomic keyboards. “The Comfort Wave design guides hands and cradles fingers to create a naturally comfortable typing experience,” the company said in a release.

The design reportedly cradles the fingers with a shape that supports their actual, varied length. The Wave keyboard keys are highest at the A and Enter keys, which are typically hit by the little fingers. Moving inward toward the pointer fingers, the keys decrease in height until reaching the D and K keys, which are typically hit by the longer middle fingers. The keys move up again in height to accommodate the pointer fingers at the G and H keys. The maximum distance between the keys’ peaks and troughs, the lowest and highest keys, is 4 mm. Because hands and fingers can rest in a more natural position and keys are closer to fingertips, the Wave key frame is meant to help eliminate awkward hand and forearm positions, enhancing comfort and improving productivity.

The U-shaped constant curve features consistently sized keys, and the 5-degree curve allows user’s hands to open up and take a natural position instead of forcing the wrists to bend, said Logitech. The space bar also incorporates the wave and curve design.

They keyboards come with cushioned, contoured palm rests designed to provide gentle indents that position hands comfortably on the keyboard. Hot keys are also included on the keyboards that can be used to launch folders, Web sites or applications.

The cordless Desktop Wave features a cordless keyboard with the Comfort Wave design and a cordless laser mouse. The ambidextrous laser mouse is designed to complement the curved style and comfort of the Wave keyboard. The mouse also features laser tracking and a rubber grip. Both the mouse and keyboard feature a battery indicator light.

Expected to be available beginning in late August, the cordless Desktop Wave keyboard-and-mouse combination will have an $89.99 suggested retail. The corded Logitech Wave keyboard is expected to be available beginning in October and will have a suggested retail of $49.99.

Logitech recently announced the VX Nano cordless mouse.