Logitech Announces 2 iPad Accessories

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Fremont, Calif. - Logitech introduced two iPad accessories on Wednesday, including one for tablet gaming.


The Joystick for iPad, which the company demoed to TWICE last month, is designed to simulate arcade-gaming for such joystick-style games as Pac-Man.  The device operates by a user's thumb and attaches to the tablet using suction cups. It features a coiled spring that provides force feedback to automatically return the joystick to the center position, Logitech said. Suggested retail is $19.99.

The second product, a Bluetooth-capable keyboard, can be unfolded into a full-sized keyboard. Charging is done via USB; it's engineered to wake up once the device is unfolded, and then turn off when folded.

It also operates as a stand. Suggested retail is $129. Both products will be available next month.


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