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LG Electronics Demos New LED LCD TV Lines

CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta – LG Electronics used
CEDIA Expo to introduce a new
thin-design LED-backlit LCD TV with local dimming technology, wireless
connectivity and a network-attached storage (NAS) option for home-theater
systems. It will also display recently announced ultra-slim technologies in its
LCD TV line.

The company will demonstrate its LED-technology from a couple of
approaches, including the 55-inch 55LHX FullHD 1080p LCD TV that uses LED
backlighting for an ultra-slim (less than 1 inch) depth along with LG’s local dimming techniques to control black
levels and color saturation while achieving a 240Hz smooth-motion effect. The
set will also include wireless connectivity to source components.

Also on display will be an edge-lit LED LCD TV configuration that
was recently introduced in the slim SL90 series.

In addition, the company will also show the SL80 LCD TV series
using a new ultra-thin CCFL backlighting system to achieve a 1.8-inch panel
depth, and the LH80 series of CCFL-based LCD TVs with wireless connectivity.

Meanwhile, LG’s NAS module, N2R1 (shipping in the early fall at a
$299 suggested retail for 1TB or $399 for 2TB), offers consumers the ability to
protect their multimedia entertainment files, using a system of multiple hard
drives to share and replicate data to prevent possible damage or loss.

Called RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs), the system
automatically backs up and restores files for added security in the event of a
hardware failure.

The N2R1 will hold up to 2TB of storage capacity, to build large
entertainment media libraries.

A DVD rewriter and playback feature for additional back up or
file-sharing options is also included.

The N2R1 has integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi connectivity and a MyMedia
feature allowing access to videos, photos and music through a DLNA-certified
media player.

Connectivity to iTunes is included for a networked music option.

The NAS is compatible with a variety of operating systems, such
as Windows, Linux and Mac, and remote support, allowing for installation in any
home entertainment environment.

In LCD displays, the 55-inch 55LHX FullHD 1080p LCD TV uses LED
backlighting for an ultra-slim depth. The LED system is said to use LG’s local
dimming techniques to control black levels and color saturation while achieving
a 240Hz smooth-motion effect.

The dynamic contrast ratio is listed at 2,000,000:1.

Cosmetics include an invisible speaker design and with a smoky
black finish.

The 55LHX (shipping now at a $4,799 suggested retail) uses an
external media box for source connections that transmits uncompressed 1080p
signals wirelessly to the panel. It also includes a USB port supporting JPEG,
MP3 and HD DivX files.

An Intelligent Sensor automatically calibrates and optimizes
brightness, contrast, white balance and color based on the brightness and color
temperature of lighting in the room.

LG used the show to
demonstrate the recently introduced SL90 series of edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs
offering a panel cabinet depth of 1.15 inches.

The SL90 sets, which
are due to ship later in the fall, include the 47- ($2,599 suggested
retail) and 42-inch ($2,099) screen sizes, both featuring a single-layer design
and narrow bezel.

LG said the system uses a special film-lamination technology for
better color tuning, gradation and reduction of glare. The design is said to virtually
eliminate the visible line between the screen and the bezel when the set is
turned off.

The SL90 models are said to have high dynamic contrast ratios of
3,000,000:1 and TruMotion 120Hz
technology to reduce motion blur.

The sets also
incorporate advanced display and calibration options.

The SL80 LCD TV series features the single-layer design but
incorporate a new thin-CCFL backlighting system to achieve a 1.8-inch panel
cabinet depth.

Shipping now, the SL80 series models include the 42- ($1,599),
47- ($1,899) and 55-inch ($2,799) screen sizes, and all include 1080p
resolution and TruMotion 240Hz technology for improved smooth-motion image

The dynamic contrast
ratio is listed at 150,000:1.

LG’s will also
showcase its new LH85 LCD TV series featuring 1080p HD resolution, LG’s 24p
Real Cinema technology, CCFL backlighting and wireless connectivity.

Screen sizes in the LH85
series cover models in the 55- ($3,199 suggested retail) the 47-inch ($2,399)
sizes, both of which will be available later in the fall.

The series delivers
an 80,000:1 contrast ratio, and the 24p Real Cinema technology is said to
present a true cinematic experience at home.

In other news,
LG said it is adding Vudu’s high-definition streaming movie service to the
LG Wireless Network Blu-ray Player (model BD390).

The software enhancement, which will arrive at the end of the month via a
free software upgrade, will enable instant playback of purchased or rented
standard and high-def movies and TV titles.

The BD390 ($399 suggested retail) joins
LG’s LH50 1080p LCD TV series and PS80 1080p plasma TVs
getting access to Vudu streaming services through LG’s NetCast Entertainment Access system, which also
offers access Netflix, Roxio CinemaNow and YouTube streaming content.