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LG Develops Open SDK For Smart TVs, STBs, Mobile Devices

Santa Clara, Calif. – LG Electronics said Thursday that it is creating a new set of app development guidelines (SDK) to allow mobile applications to easily scale to big screen TVs with more fluid device-to-device connectivity.

The SDK will also create an “open system” to incorporate guidelines supported by Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Roku 3 set-top boxes, allowing these devices a conduit to scale to the big screen as well, the company said.

The Connect SDK open source software development kit will be available to Google Android and iOS developers to “extend the mobile experience across tens of millions of big TV screens around the world,” LG said.

“By unifying device discovery and connectivity across multiple television platforms, Connect SDK is the first to truly address the complexity associated with implementing second screen capabilities while reaching the largest installed base of smart TVs and connected devices,” LG said in statement Thursday.

For consumers, this means that LG’s new Smart TVs, powered by the webOS platform, as well as other popular TV devices, will be able to connect and interact with more mobile apps – further enhancing their second screen television experience.

Using Connect SDK, application developers can connect their mobile applications with 2014 LG webOS Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs from 2012 and 2013, Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

This will allow mobile applications with photos, videos, and audio to beam media to four TV platforms. Applications with YouTube videos can beam them to all LG Smart TVs dating back to 2012, Roku 3, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and most DIAL-enabled devices, LG said.

Developers can also build TV-optimized web applications and media viewers for use with LG webOS Smart TVs and Google Chromecast.

TV application developers can use their mobile apps to promote the existence of their TV app on 2014 LG webOS Smart TVs and 2013 LG Smart TVs, as well as Roku devices.

Samuel Chang, LG Electronics USA VP and head of the LG Silicon Valley Lab, said he sees seamless multi-device connectivity as “a big opportunity for app developers and consumers alike. Connect SDK is breaking down barriers to enable apps and devices to work together harmoniously. The screen size, capabilities and social nature of Smart TVs enable experiences that consumers will absolutely love.”

“We’ve already invested in making the best personal media viewing experience on the big screen across multiple platforms,” said Scott Olechowski, Plex chief product officer and co-founder. “With Connect SDK, we were able to quickly extend that Plex experience to LG Smart TVs and we are now exploring ways we can integrate unique webOS capabilities.”

“The best way to enjoy your music collection with those around you is musiXmatch,” said Massimo Ciociola, musiXmatch CEO and founder. “TV by nature is a social device, and we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to extend a big screen experience to our mobile users. The opportunity that is available with Connect SDK made the decision a very obvious one.”