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Letters To The Editor

To the Editor,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I am enjoying the 20th anniversary retrospective. The memories are great. Of course it is also making me feel very, very old.

Congratulations on this terrific milestone and I wish you many more years of continued success at the top of your game!

Jerry Satoren, Group VP, Sales, Toshiba America Consumer Products

To the Editor,

The 20th Anniversary Issue of August 28th was outstanding. Congratulations to you and your team on another job well done.

I really appreciated the “Founder Traces Trade Publishing Roots.” I was part of that era with Richard Ekstract and the original Consumer Electronics Monthly with my original company, Marketing East Industries Corp.

Our consumer electronic products lines included Aiwa, Bearcat, Uniden, Freedom Phone, Southwestern Bell, Ampex, Omron, Precor, Continental Camera, Daewoo, Taihan, and Sanyo appliances.

I changed direction in 1986 with my new company, Eastern Marketing Corp, and major appliance lines and distributor lines with my son, Craig Friedman.

Richard Ekstract was bright, exciting, and creative; as were the people around him.

Marty Friedman, President, Eastern Marketing Corp.

To the Editor,

Let me say the 20th Anniversary issue is fantastic. I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane. How fast things change in our industry.

Steve Caldero, Senior VP/COO, Ken Crane’s

To The Editor,

Great work on your 20th anniversary edition. I found it very interesting and informative to read, especially the comments from the industry leaders on and the CE evolution!

Elaine Kerner, Koff Zimmermann Schulteis Advertising

To the Editor,

I’ve now read the issue cover to cover and it is just great. Of course there are many wonderful quotes but for me personally the one that stands above “all others” is from Richard Ekstract concerning many of the industry’s magazines over the years: “I know because I started them all.” It is so vintage Richard. Again congratulations on a fabulous book.

Don Patrican, Executive VP, Maxell Corp. of America

To the Editor,

I just finished the 20th Anniversary Edition and wanted to congratulate you not just for this issue but for your consistent high standards of achievement. We all are privileged to work in the CE industry, to be allowed to make our contributions, but I do believe TWICE gives more than it gets day in and day out. Moreover that opinion is not from a limited perspective. I’ve been dealing with and reading CE trade publications since the 8-track days and while there have been others I’ve valued, including some that has one or more of your marks on them, TWICE is the standard against which all others must be judged.

Bill Matthies, Coyote Insight

To the Editor,

Congratulations on a great issue. There was outstanding content, and it was very well presented. It’s really something of a history book. Steve, I didn’t read your 9/11 column when it first ran. It is a tremendous piece.

Mark S. Scott, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA