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Krillion Bows TV Search Capability

Krillion, a Web site that aims to help “ready-to-buy consumers to find and buy national brands, locally,” has made available 250 million local search pages featuring product, location and pricing information for HDTVs, including flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs.

“Our comprehensive product, pricing and location information help buyers find the exact TV they want at the nearest store, bridging the last mile between their online research and offline purchase,” said Joel Toledano, co-founder and CEO of Krillion.

According to the company, Krillion’s site offers searchable data from 10 major U.S. retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart and RadioShack — which together account for 80 percent of U.S. market TV retail share — as well as product information from 50 manufacturers, including Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Panasonic is also the site’s charter advertising partner.

Upon visiting, consumers can view feature comparisons and can filter and select televisions by a variety of criteria. Additionally, customers can use the site’s Click-to-Call function to immediately speak with a store representative to check in-store availability of their desired product.