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Kreisen Adds HDMI, HDCP To HDTV Line

San Jose, Calif. — Kreisen has added HDMI and HDCP support to its entire line of high-definition TVs.

HDMI support has previously been limited to the highest-end models, but Kreisen, now incorporates it into their mainstream HD LCD TVs, with a line of 27-inch to 40-inch models, the company said.

Samson Lee, CEO of Kreisen, said, “HDMI clearly will become the standard digital interface for the consumer home theatre market in the very near future, but we want to make this superior technology available today for televisions on both ends of the price and size spectrum. This is just another example of our deep commitment to make high-quality home theatre experience accessible to more consumers.”

HDMI technology can transmit up to 5Gbps of uncompressed high-definition video and multichannel audio through the same cable. It is an uncompressed, all-digital interface for audio and video. HDCP creates a secure protection between two digital devices via authentication procedures to prevent the capturing and copying of data, the company said.

According to market analysts at In-Stat, approximately 3 million digital TV sets were equipped with HDMI interfaces in 2004, an 18 percent market share; they expect these numbers to rise to 20 million sets, or 42 percent market share, in 2006.

Kreisen’s line of 27-inch to 40-inch HD-LCD TVs are currently available at, Costco, DataVision, MicroCenter, eCost, eBuyer, Target and