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Kodak Adds Group Album Networking Tool

Emeryville, Calif. –


unveiled this week a new Kodak Gallery iPhone App and launched a
new Group Albums online group photo sharing tool.

Group Albums is a service through Kodak Gallery that enables
multiple people to upload, share and comment on photos all in one place, for

When using the new Kodak Gallery iPhone App, simplifies the
process for bringing a group of friends together to collect and share photos
they take together at party or on a trip.

Photos can be shared in one place, whether taken with a mobile
phone or digital camera.

 The tool, which is also
available via PC at, permits all photos to be
downloaded in full-resolution online for free. From there they can be used to
create a video slideshow of the event or turned into photo products such as
books and calendars.

 “Everyone’s been at an
event where multiple people are taking pictures.  Those pictures end up fragmented across
emails, texts and social networks. Or, even worse, they’re not shared at all,”
said Victor Cho, Kodak Gallery general manager. “Now with a Kodak Group Album
and our new application for the iPhone device, a group of friends or family can
instantly and privately collect, share and interact with all of the special
moments from an event, in one easy-to-access place.”

 Kodak Gallery lets “members
of an album” privately share pictures and invite others to join and participate
via email, text or Facebook message.

 Once people join the album
they can add photos and comments, plus invite others from the event to
contribute their pictures.

“More than 20 million photos have been uploaded to a Group Album
and more than half a million through the mobile app,” stated Mark Cook, Kodak
products VP.  “What’s most important is
the joy people feel having all the pictures from an event, for example, a bride
who has hundreds of pictures her guests took at her wedding reception.  With our new mobile app, people can start sharing
and interacting with those pictures while the event is still going on.”

 Meanwhile, the new Kodak
Gallery iPhone app includes other feature enhancements such as multi-photo
uploads; hundreds of ways to share; access to all pictures and albums in a Kodak
Gallery account; and push notifications when photos, comments and “Likes” are
added to an album.

 Kodak said the app
addresses the shifting trends in consumer photo sharing behavior.

The number of Kodak Gallery photo slideshows viewed on a mobile
phone has increased almost 170 percent in the last year, and, according to a
recent survey, 65 percent of 18-to 34-year-olds plan to take pictures this
holiday season using their mobile phones.

 The iPone app is currently
available in the App Store.