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Kaspersky’s Launches Latest Security Software

New York – Kaspersky Labs today rolls out the 2010 version of its
Internet security software suite.

The latest version features protection from malware attacks
coming in through social networking sites, said Peter Beardmore, Kaspersky’s
senior product marketing manager.

“Ground zero [for attacks] are social networking sites because
attacks there are 10 times more successful then the older methods,” he said,
adding more attacks are coming through legitimate Web sites and through
third-party software.

Kaspersky’s Internet Security Suite 2010 and Anti-Virus 2010 are
available immediately at Kaspersky’s online store for $79.95 and
$59.95, respectively.

The software’s primary defense against malicious attacks is its
“safe run mode.” This opens an application, such as Internet Explorer or Adobe
Reader, in what Beardmore described as a walled garden. This keeps everything
associated with the application segregated from the system and the PC safe.

Another feature is vulnerability detection which checks to see if
an application is safe to run. Beardmore said some software companies do not
update their security patches that often or end users do not download them when
they are available. Kaspersky’s software checks if the security is current and
if not it prompts the user to download the latest patch.

Attacking through third-party and social networking sites is
taking place because Microsoft has gotten better at responding to threats to
its operating systems, making hacking more difficult, Beardmore said.