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Kaspersky Labs Unveils Tablet Security Software

Woburn, Mass. – Kaspersky Labs
has released its first protective software for the Android tablet PC market.

Kaspersky Tablet Security
is available online now from


for $19.95
for a one-year subscription. One software license is issued with each purchase.

The software supports
Android versions 2.2 and higher, including the Honeycomb series.

The company said the
immense popularity of tablets is giving cyber-criminals a reason to begin
attacking Android-based devices. This is primarily being accomplished via
malicious apps that mimic legitimate applications. Kaspersky said Google even
has had trouble and had to remove more than 100 malicious apps from its own app

The Kaspersky software features real-time virus scanning of
downloaded apps, e-mail attachments and instant messages.

Future updates of the security software will include the ability
to located a tablet via GPS tracking, lock out or wipe the memory of a last or
stolen tablet and the ability to remotely limit the content that can be viewed
on the tablet.

Kaspersky intends to make these upgrades available at no
additional charge.